Emu oil and its supplement brands

Why Emu Oil is a Sacred Food and How to Compare Supplement Brands

Emu oil is something that most people have never heard of, and yet it has been used by the Aboriginal people in Australia for centuries. This post explores the health benefits of emu oil, highlights what to look for in emu supplement and provides a comparison of two premium brands.

Emu, scientifically named Dromaius novaehallandiae, is a large, flightless bird similar to the ostrich. Emu are native to Australia but can also found in the United States, Canada and Europe where it is farmed for its nutritional meat and medicinal emu oil.

Emu oil is mainly composed of fat that is taken from the back of the bird, underneath its skin, and then refined. Natural emu oil can range from a creamy off-white consistency to a thin yellow liquid, depending on the emu's diet and the refining method.

Emu oil contains unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin, including:

  • 49% Oleic acid ( omega-9 fatty acid)
  • 20% linoleic acid (omega-6 fatty acid)
  • 1-2% linolenic acid (omega-3 fatty acid).
  • 0.4% Myristic acid (omega 5 fatty acid)
  • Carotenoids and flavones  (Anti-oxidant)
  • Vitamin K2 (in desirable MK-4 form)
  • Vitamin D3 (highly absorbable)
  • Vitamin E (Anti-inflammatory)
  • 20% palmitic acid
  • 9% Stearic acid

According to Dr Weston A Price, essential fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins are critical to good health. He called them sacred foods.

Four capsules of emu oil contain the same amount of Vitamin K2 as almost ¼ lb of butter, approximately 3.6 mg.

Let's explore other health benefits of emu oil.

Health Benefits of Emu Oil

1. Skin moisturizer and anti aging

Emu oil is a fantastic moisturizer that can keep your skin hydrated and prevent water loss from the skin as an occlusive moisturizer. Emu oil  penetrates the skin, and assists with collagen production. Collagen keeps your skin plump, elastic and wrinkle-free. The antioxidants present in Emu oil target signs of aging caused by oxidative stress.

A study published in the National library of medicine in 2015  examined the effects of emu oil on 11 women applying a pad containing emu oil to one eye. During the first four weeks following treatment, the eye that was treated showed reduced dark circles, improved elasticity, and fewer lines.[1]

2. Reduce inflammation and pain

Emu oil helps to reduce symptoms of arthritis, promote joint health and mobility, decrease mild joint pain and soreness. It may also relieve symptoms of carpal tunnel.

According to a review of emu oil published in the journal Nutrition, researchers have found that its powerful anti-inflammatory capabilities may help treat conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, ear inflammation and inflammatory bowel syndrome.[2]

3. Bug repellent

Insects are naturally repelled by terpenes found in emu oil. Terpenes effectively treat adult head lice, cockroaches and other bugs.

4. Promote hair and nail growth

Ingesting emu oil and massaging the scalp with emu oil may encourage hair growth. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids can improve hair density, reduce brittle hair and nails, and prevent hair loss.

5. Reduces nipple sensitivity

Emu oil can improve hydration around the nipple and areola of new mothers after delivery. As a result, nipple pain, as well as trauma caused by breastfeeding, can be reduced. Before breastfeeding, use a warm cloth to remove residual oil if you are trying this treatment.

An article published in Nutrition suggests that emu oil may also reduce breast sensitivity in breastfeeding mothers.[3]

6. Relieve sun damage, wounds and scars

You can use creams containing emu oil to heal cuts, burns and bruises. Emu oil contains linoleic acid that has many positive effects, including:

  • Protect the skin from scarring by offering protective benefits
  • Lighten dark spots
  • Reduce the appearance of acne scars
  • Makes skin youthful and plump 
 A study published in the National library of medicine shows that emu oil increases collagen production. Collagen helps skin wounds heal quickly.[4]

7. Reduces cholesterol level

Taking emu oil orally may reduce cholesterol levels. In 2004, researchers found that taking emu oil had significantly lower cholesterol levels than those fed coconut oil.

8. Boosts the immune system

Emu oil has bacteriostatic properties so it stops bacteria from reproducing. It helps to boost our immune system and helps fight infections.

9. Benefits the gastrointestinal system

You can take emu oil orally for better digestive health. Inflammatory bowel disease may also benefit from emu oil's anti-inflammatory properties.

10.Use as a Carrier Oil

Emu oil absorbs deeply into the skin because of its molecular structure, which is similar to human skin oil. Because of this, it is a superior carrier oil for other ingredients and medications. Make your moisturizer or homemade skincare products more effective by mixing emu oil into them.

A study published in Pubmed shows that emu oil helps in increasing the bioavailability as well as overall effect of curcumin.[5]


How to Choose the Right Emu Oil Supplement for You - A Buyer’s Guide

Supplementing your diet with Emu oil provides many benefits in a palatable and convenient way. When choosing supplements, it is vital to know what to look for to see which one is right for you.

✓100% pure Emu oil: Always ensure that it should be pure and unadulterated

✓Emu oral capsules or topical oil

✓ Country of origin: Australia is amongst the most trusted for Emu oil 

✓ Watch out for fillers and additives

✓ Other ingredients

✓ Buying it from a reputable company is essential because it is sometimes mixed with other less expensive oils.

✓ Physical refining vs. cold pressed: Physical refining involves natural clay filters which absorb the impurities and preserve the oil.  Since emu oil is derived from an animal, it cannot be cold-pressed.

Emu Oil Comparison: Four Premium products from two brands

  • Walkabout
  • Emu Spirit 


Walkabout Emu Oil

(External use)

Walkabout Emu Oil

(Internal use)

 Emu Spirit Oil

(Internal and External use)

Spirit Emu Oil Capsules

(Internal use)

Product image

Walkabout emu oil external use Walkabout emu oil internal use Spirit emu oil internal and external use


-Contains  natural collagen

 -Topical use

-100% Pure and Natural

 -Highly moisturizing &


-100% pure and unadulterated


-Richest known natural source of Vitamin K2 as MK4

-100% pure 5ml


-Can also used externally 

-No additives

-100% Pure Emu oil soft gelatin capsule

-Easy to swallow

-No taste or after taste

-Gluten free

-No additives or preservatives

Extraction methods and refining

Physical extraction and refining

Physical extraction and refining

Physical extraction and refining

Physical extraction and refining

Emu feed and location

-Omnivorous diet

-No GMO feed


-Omnivorous diet 

-No hormone feed


-Omnivorous diet Australia

-Omnivorous diet Australia

Active ingredients 

  100% pure oil 

100% pure emu oil 

100% pharmaceutical grade pure emu oil 

100% emu oil in capsule

Other ingredient

No other ingredient as it is 100% pure

No other ingredient as it is 100% pure

No other ingredient as it is 100% pure

Gelatin capsule

Bottle size

    2 fl oz (60ml)

    4 fl oz (118ml)

      4.23 fl oz (25ml)

0.75ml × 252 capsules

Emu oil per serving



  1 ml - 2ml (topical

     ~2ml (oral)


Suggested emu oil per serving


  ½ teaspoon

1ml-2ml (topical)

½ teaspoon (oral)

2 capsules

Serving per bottle



62 (oral)

62-125  (topical)


Emu oil per ml



(2ml in 1/2ml)




Manufacturer’s price per container

USD 32 /CAD 43.52

USD 60/CAD 81.81

USD 24.49/CAD 33.37 

USD 50.96/ 69.49 CAD 

Price per ml

USD 0.53/CAD 0.72

USD 0.50/CAD 0.69

USD 0.194/CAD 0.26 

USD 0.20/CAD 0.27

*USD to CAD conversion rate as of October 2022; USD 1 = CAD 1.36

Emu Oil Supplement: The Takeaway

Vitamins and minerals found in emu oil can benefit almost everyone. Although all four products from both brands discussed in this post are excellent choices, they differ in several important ways.

You can take Emu Spirit and Walkabout Emu Oil as an edible oil or apply it externally. These products contain no GMOs, no growth additives and no antibiotics. The Therapeutic Goods Administration has assessed Emu Spirit for quality and safety and this brand is listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG). Both brands offer the highest quality emu oil, the purest oil on the market.

Emu Spirit and Walkabout Emu Oil oral liquids can be used internally and externally. Topical applications have been used to treat various skin conditions. This substance absorbs easily in human skin and brings with it a wide range of vitamins and nutrients. These brands are an excellent source of essential fatty acids and vitamins. 

When comparing the two oils, Emu Spirit is the more economical choice at $0.26 per milliliter which is less than half the price of Walkabout Emu oil ($0.69 per milliliter). However, the two oils differ in colour, viscosity and taste.

Walkabout Australian Emu Oil has a thicker viscosity and a more golden colour. This emu oil has more of a mouthfeel, is more buttery and has a slight taste of poultry fat. All these factors could be contributed to the emu's diet and the refining process. 

Emu Spirit has a thinner viscosity texture, is murky-white and has a similar taste to Walkabout albeit the taste appears to be slightly more neutral.  Again, this is likely due to the diet of emu or the refining process.


If you find the buttery taste too rich, you can take in capsule form. Children who have difficulty swallowing capsules will likely find the liquid to be the best option. You can add  ½ ml daily with or after meals for children. 

Both of these brands have a similar nutritional profile; they are both rich in vitamins K2, A, D and E.

Nature has provided us with a truly sacred fat that has a myriad of health benefits. From beautifying the skin to easing pain from within, emu oil can provide relief and nourishment to the body, inside and out.

Whichever brand or type of emu that you try, be sure to check with your healthcare professional to make sure it's right for you, fits with your lifestyle and complements any other products you may be taking. When trying a new supplement, it is best to start with a small dose before gradually trying the full recommend dosage. 

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