Collection: Ancestral Supplements

Grass Fed Beef Organs

Our genome has evolved with the nourishment of nose-to-tail dining since the beginning of time. Grass fed beef organs are especially rich in preformed vitamin A, vitamin B12, coenzyme Q10, bio-available heme iron, selenium and enzymes. The health and happiness effects of consuming beef organs are far reaching. Beef organs (i.e. liver, heart, kidney, pancreas, spleen) strengthen and support the corresponding organ of the individual for improved immune function, robust collagen, improved energy to name a few. 

Not all organs are the same. Look for a high quality beef organs that comes from pasture-raised, grass-fed cows that are hormone, pesticide and GMO free. If considering a supplement, look for one that is ultra pure (without binders, fillers (or) flow agents) and look for the freeze dried variety as these have been shown to optimally preserve nutritional factors and co-factors.

NOTE: Beef Organs, also referred to as offal, variety meats and pluck, refers to the internal organs and entrails of a butchered animal. In the wild, animals go for the liver and the bone marrow first, followed by the heart, kidneys, pancreas and spleen. There's clearly something special about this stuff!