Useful tips about Dr. Cowan's Powders

Picky Eaters

Dr. Cowan's powders are especially ideal for those picky eaters who don't get enough vegetables into their diet. You can add a tablespoon of our Threefold Blend to your pasta sauce and will have added 6 different kinds of vegetables to a sauce that originally had just one. You can sprinkle these powders on just about anything from yogurt to spaghetti. Try mixing different powders into one dish to diversify your child's vegetable intake.

Travelers and Campers

Dr. Cowan's powders are a wonderful take-along for any trip outside of your home. Sometimes it's tricky to eat healthfully and get enough vegetables while on the go, traveling or while in a remote area. Our pouches offer a light and convenient solution. Even if you can't cook with the powders, simply mixing a teaspoon in some water will cover a sum of your antioxidant and nutrient needs, especially when meals are bland and lacking in fresh ingredients. 


What are Dr. Cowan's Garden Powders?

Dr. Cowan's Garden is a line of nutritionally powerful vegetable powders: perennial greens, kale, Swiss chard, leek, squash, blends and salts. The powders' nutritional power derives from how they're grown, processed and stored. Dr. Cowan's Garden is a family-run business; his wife and two sons have significant roles within the company.


How To Store

You can keep your powders on your kitchen counter or in a cupboard. They should not be refrigerated, as that could draw moisture to them. Also, keep them away from direct heat or strong sunlight, such as a stove burner or windowsill. 


Dr. Cowan's Garden

Where is Dr. Cowan's Garden?

It's on the eastern side of Napa Valley in an area largely protected from the intense heat and hubbub of the rest of the valley; it's fed by well water from the site. The vegetables are grown in hand-dug beds, and no chemical fertilizers have ever been used within the perimeter of the garden. Its location places it within one of the world's most productive growing regions because of its generally warm and dry climate and its cool winds and fog that sweep up the valley from the San Pablo Bay to the south. We grow ashitaba, perennial greens and summer savory in the Napa Garden. As of February 2018, we moved operations to Upstate New York, where we are sourcing our vegetables from Hawthorne Valley Farm, an established biodynamic farm, as well as other biodynamic growers in that region. We also source from other small, organic farms and, when necessary, from larger, certified organic farms. 

Sauce with Vegetable Powders