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Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen Protein Beauty Within Guava Passionfruit, 232g

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Hydrolyzed for absorption

Collagen is made up of amino acids that your body has to absorb in order to benefit from it. Our collagen is hydrolyzed, meaning it has already been partially broken down, so the critical amino acids are typically easier to absorb.

Food-based ingredients
There is no filler in Multi Collagen Protein - it is made from four real food ingredients. You won’t see weird chemicals or artificial ingredients, sweeteners or flavors on the label. We proudly source our collagen from non-GMO, grass-fed, cage-free and cruelty-free sources.

Day-to-Day Usage
This convenient powder is easy to enjoy any time of day. Our favorite way is to add a heaping scoop into a smoothie.


Hydrolyzed Collagen (Bovine Skin), Hydrolyzed Collagen (Fish Skin), Chicken Bone Broth (Gallus Gallus), Nem Partially Hydrolysed Chicken Eggshell Membrane (Gallus Gallus), Dermaval Blend: Quercetin, Okra (Abelmoschus Esculentus Fruit), Asparagus (Asparagus Officinalis Shoot), Coffee Berry 20:1 Extract (Coffea Arabica Fruit), (40% Chlorogenic Acids, QCE 45mg) Acai (Euterpe Oleracea Fruit), Mangosteen (Garcinia Mangostana Fruit), Acerola (Malpighia Dubia Fruit), Camu-Camu (Myrciaria Dubia Fruit), Pomegranate (Punica Granatum Fruit)

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