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Tallow Beer Bar: Organic Shampoo and Body Bar: Lavender

Tallow Beer Bar: Organic Shampoo and Body Bar: Lavender

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Introducing our organic, grass-finished tallow and beer shampoo and body bar! This unique product combines the nourishing properties of grass-fed tallow with the cleansing power of organic beer, creating a one-of-a-kind shampoo and body wash experience.

Our beer bars have a rich foam- much like a freshly poured beer! 

Ingredients We Use:

  • Certified organic, grass-finished beef tallow
  • Certified organic, extra virgin Greek olive oil
  • Certified organic virgin coconut oil
  • Certified organic Canadian beer
  • Certified organic essential oils
  • Hexane-free, cold-pressed castor oil

The use of tallow in this bar provides numerous benefits for your hair and skin. Tallow is an excellent moisturizer, which can help to hydrate and nourish dry or damaged hair. Additionally, it contains essential fatty acids, vitamins A, B, D, E, K that can improve the overall health and appearance of your hair, leaving it soft, shiny, and manageable and your skin soft and clean.

Beer Properties

  • Beer has been used for centuries as a natural hair care ingredient.
  • Beer contains hops and malt, which are rich in protein and vitamins that can strengthen hair and stimulate growth.
  • The maltose and sucrose in beer also act as natural humectants, which can help to lock in moisture and prevent dryness.
  • Beer contains B vitamins, particularly biotin and nicotinic acid, which can improve hair health and promote hair growth.
  • Beer contains antioxidants that can protect hair from damage caused by environmental factors and free radicals.
  • The hops in beer have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to soothe an irritated scalp and reduce dandruff.
  • Beer contains ample amounts of silica. Silica is a mineral that can help to strengthen hair strands and improve their elasticity, making them less prone to breakage. Silica can also improve the overall appearance of hair by making it shinier and more lustrous. Additionally, silica has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to soothe an irritated scalp and reduce dandruff.

Together, the combination of tallow and beer in this shampoo and body bar offers a unique and effective solution for those looking for an all-natural, organic hair and body care product. Not only does it nourish and moisturize the body and hair, but it also helps to promote healthy growth and improve overall hair health. 

Ingredients: Organic, grass-finished beef suet (tallow), organic Candaian beer (lager), organic extra virgin Greek olive oil, organic virgin coconut oil, hexane-free, cold-pressed castor oil, organic lavender essential oil. 

Weight: between 3.5-4.5 ounces

*contains WHEAT

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