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Creamsicle Orange-Pink Frosted Aventurine Mala

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This soft and vibrant mala is made with real aventurine stone.

Aventurine is symbolically known for increasing positivity, happiness, prosperity and inspiration.

What is a mala?

Malas (or japamalas) are a string of prayer beads used in Indian religions such as Hinduism. You can use a mala necklace in meditation by separating each bead with your thumb and ascribing an affirmation or mantra with each count. You can use a mala to set forth an intention, offer appreciation, or simply count each bead as a way to calm, centre or empty the mind.

This necklace doubles as a wrap-around bracelet and can be used in prayer, yoga, meditation practices or simply as a lovely piece of jewelry. 

Bracelet length: about 94cm

108 beads

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