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Dr. Cowan's Garden Horseradish Powder

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Horseradish, a nutritional and medicinal standout, is a perennial in the brassicas family and is a close relative of wasabi. It has been considered a healing food since at least the time of Hippocrates, more than 2,000 years ago.

Traditionally, horseradish is paired with protein foods, especially meat and fish. This pairing could have evolved because of its pungent taste and its strong ability to kill pathogenic organisms often found on meat in the days before refrigeration.   While the pathogen-killing part is not so relevant today, the culinary pairing of meat and horseradish is still a dynamic combination.Sprinkle on eggs, fish or any other protein-rich dish to easily incorporate this medicinal, hardy perennial vegetable into your diet. Our favorite way to use horseradish powder is to marinate steaks by dusting both sides with it and letting the steaks rest for a few hours before cooking. The strong enzymes in the horseradish help break down the meat fibers, making the final dish not only more flavorful but also more tender.  

Ingredients: Organic horseradish. Nothing else.

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