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Dr. Cowan's Garden Leek Powder- DEEPLY DISCOUNTED

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Leeks are an excellent source of Vitamin K, manganese, Vitamin B6, copper, iron, folate and Vitamin C. Leeks are also a good source of Vitamin E, calcium and omega-3 fatty acids. 

The most nutritious part of alliums is their green shoots.  We feature this part of the plant in our leek powder to enhance not only its flavor but also its nutritional power. The varieties we grow are King Richard and Autumn Giant.

The flavor is a sweet and mild onion flavour. To use, sprinkle on salads, eggs, rice and quinoa, buttered popcorn, steamed or roasted vegetables, fish or chicken. Add to smoothies, soups, stews, pasta, spaghetti sauce – really, anything you enjoy eating! One of our favorite ways to use Leek Powder is sprinkled over buttered and baked sweet potatoes.

Ingredients: Organic leeks. Nothing else.

Inside this pouch are approximately 50 teaspoon-size servings! 

Net wt. 5.29 oz

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