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Heritage Products Castor Oil 960mL/32 fl.oz-deep discount for a limited time only

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Keep this 100% cold-pressed nourishing treatment on hand for your daily wellness and beauty routine. Brush onto brows as part of your nightly routine to moisturize hair to make your brows look fuller, stronger, and shinier. Ideal for all skin types.

Bring out your boldest brows and lashes or shiniest hair with our Castor Oil. Its deeply hydrating singular ingredient nourishes hair follicles down to the root.

  • Its sticky texture helps grasp onto each strand of hair.
  • Can be used as a warming massage oil.
  • Insider tip: Use a mascara spoolie to brush castor oil onto brows and lashes for precise application.
  • Bottles proudly made of PCR packaging.

Highly Versatile

One product, so many uses. Castor oil is a beauty essential for hydrated skin, replenishing moisture and shine to dry hair, and building bolder brows and lashes. It also has a long history of supporting general wellness dating as far back as the Ancient Egyptian era.

From nourishing dry or damaged hair to enhancing eyelashes and making your brows look more defined, beauty experts everywhere can’t stop talking about castor oil. But what many in the industry have yet to discover is that the benefits of castor oil extend well beyond cosmetics. In fact, this highly versatile oil has a long history of use for a wide array of wellness applications as well.

What is Castor Oil?

Grown in tropical regions, the Ricinus communis plant, commonly called “The Palma Christi,” produces seeds known as castor beans. When pressed, these beans release a highly concentrated oil rich in ricinoleic acid – an omega 9 essential fatty acid traditionally used and studied to address a myriad of health and wellness concerns.


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