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Lipidology: Paw Pal

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100% Organic, grass fed/finished tallow balm: paw and elbow salve for dogs 1oz.

Your dog walks on all paws all day. The ice, snow, concrete and salt from pavements can wear down those paws leaving them cracked, weathered and dry. Nourish, protect and heal your pups rough bits with this 100% natural, organic tallow salve. Made with only natural ingredients, this moisturizer provides a protective barrier on delicate areas of the skin while being safe enough for your dog to sneak a lick.

This salve can also be used on your pups nose and elbows or anywhere that needs some extra love.

Ingredients: 100% organic, grass fed/finished Canadian beef tallow, Canadian, olive oil.

Why Tallow?

Grass-fed/finished organic beef tallow is the star ingredient that makes up most of this nourishing salve. Tallow contains fat soluble vitamins that your pup's skin needs. It is one of the purest and most compatible fats for skin. It absorbs deep into the skin leaving it smooth and protected all day. 

Tallow Properties:

  • High in CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) which has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Contains stearic acid which helps the skin stay flexible and youthful
  • High in fat soluble vitamins A, B, D, K, E, omegas and fatty acids- all which are highly bioabsorbable
  • Contains palmitoleic acid, which has antimicrobial properties
  • Adds a protective barrier on the skin

We have a lot to say about tallow. For a deeper look into why we use tallow, please read the full description here.

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