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Tiger Eye Mala

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This silky, lustrous mala is made with real Tiger Eye stone.

Tiger Eye is symbolically known as the stone of protection. It is said to enhance awareness, clarity and open mindedness. 

What is a mala?

Malas (or japamalas) are a string of prayer beads used in Indian religions such as Hinduism. You can use a mala necklace in meditation by separating each bead with your thumb and ascribing an affirmation or mantra with each count. You can use a mala to set forth an intention, offer appreciation, or simply count each bead as a way to calm, centre or empty the mind.

This necklace doubles as a wrap-around bracelet and can be used in prayer, yoga, meditation practices or simply as a lovely piece of jewelry. 

Bracelet length: about 94cm

108 beads

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