Collection: Oxford Healthspan

Oxford Healthspan bridges the gap between Eastern longevity wisdom and modern science, helping you slow aging and increase your healthspan with naturally potent molecules. 

Spermidine is a naturally-occurring and potent polyamine (a kind of protein) known for inducing autophagy, the body's cellular renewal and recycling process. It also inhibits 9 of the 12 Hallmarks of Aging, the paths down which we age. 

2/3 of the spermidine found in the human body is produced endogenously, or in the body, by the gut microbiota and various tissues. The final 1/3 is found exogenously, or externally, in the food that we eat. 

As we age, our body's ability to produce it declines. To restore youthful levels of spermidine, we have to look externally. Otherwise, our cells' ability to trigger autophagy will continue to decline and the aging pathways will progress.