Collection: Biofulvic

 Fulvic & Humic Acids are complex molecules that can only be created by soil-based microorganisms which up-cycle plant matter into these nutritive molecules. Due to their high amounts of electrons, these acids have a natural affinity to bond with minerals, amino acids, phytochemicals, polyphenols, bioflavenoids, and even oxygen. This affinity naturally bonds Fulvic & Humic molecules with these constituents and adds them to their branch-like molecular structure.

  • No lab can synthesize the complexity of Fulvic or Humic Acids and their therapeutic capabilities remain a topic of endless research & study. 
  • Our ancient origin MultiMineral Fulvic & Humic MicroNutrient Blend captures these Fulvic & Humic powerhouse molecules that are ionically suspended, enabling you to access the rewards of nutritive wealth thousands of years in the making.
  • We know you will love how our bio-available minerals, amino acids, electrolytes and constituents in our Fulvic & Humic Blend enrich your health.