Detox or Deprivation?

Detox or Deprivation?

'Detox' has become quite the buzzword.

As a personal exercise instructor, I get a lot of questions from clients regarding which 'detox' or 'cleanse' I like best. The question I ask is: what are you hoping to achieve? Is it weight loss? Better sleep? Healthier skin? A better functioning digestive system? More energy? If the answer is yes to any of these, read on.

Studies have shown that detox diets fail more often than not and many people actually gain weight coming off a detox because of the initial gorging it can promote. There is also little evidence that foods lead to toxin build-up in the body to begin with. This is because most of us are equipped with master cleansers: our liver and kidneys! And these organs are self-cleaning.

The main issue I have with any detox is that it deprives the body of essential nutrients- nutrients that many people are already at risk of being deficient in. A detox or cleanse can lead to malnourishment, muscle loss (you do NOT want this, more muscle means better metabolism), moodiness, cravings, anxiety, low blood sugar, eating disorders and more. The solution? Lead a better overall lifestyle. We need MORE nutrients, not fewer! A well nourished body will be less likely to overeat and crave junk. I understand the need for a re-set.

So I suggest the following:

drink more water

optimise your sleep

meditate, every day

walk, daily

get more sun

lift heavy things

take a good probiotic


learn Qi Gong

opt for the least processed foods

avoid takeout, eat at home

avoid vegetable oils

limit wheat products

limit excess sugar

eat more vitamin A, D and K2 rich foods

supplement wisely, when needed

Detox from the following:

the news



negative thoughts and people



sitting for too long

screen time



over the counter meds



Hope this helps!  

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I SO needed to hear this today. Thank you for this content.


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