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We launched Goodie Vibes in 2018 because I kept finding that whenever I was looking to find the highest quality health supplements, the options available in Canada were extremely limited. As a result, I would have to order products from abroad, which consistently resulted in expensive shipping rates as well as hidden fees, such as import taxes, duties and brokerage fees and high conversion charges on my credit card statements for buying in US dollars using Canadian credit cards. Having worked as a fitness instructor and health coach for more than a decade, I knew others who faced the same challenges.

In a world teeming with wellness options, discerning consumers seek a balanced combination of quality, convenience and value. Goodie Vibes now stands as a beacon for health enthusiasts in Canada, offering a seamless and enriched shopping experience. This online haven stands out for its array of rare supplements, user-friendly service and cost-effective strategies, all designed to infuse your wellness journey with ease and excitement.

Goodie Vibes is a Canadian company that ships products from the US due to the special warehousing requirements of many of the premium products that we offer.
While shipping from the US typically costs more than shipping from within Canada, our shipping rate is discounted and includes all import fees, taxes and handling. By shipping from the US, Goodie Vibes can offer Canadians a wide range of rare supplements that would otherwise be inaccessible in Canada.

Rare Finds at Your Fingertips

At Goodie Vibes, we specialize in providing access to an exclusive selection of supplements and health products that are typically hard to find in Canada. Our shop lets you find an expanding inventory of premium brands in one place, without having to scour multiple stores or websites for that particular group of products to complete your health regimen. From innovative vitamins to niche wellness products, Goodie Vibes ensures that a wide range of rare products are  inaccessible.

Swift Delivery to Your Doorstep

The anticipation of waiting for your health products can be daunting, but Goodie Vibes understands the value of time. With a commitment to fast shipping, the platform ensures that your products are just a click away and will arrive swiftly to your door, typically within 3-5 business days. This expeditious service means less waiting and more time enjoying the health benefits of your chosen products. For customers in remote locations thank you for your patience as it could take a bit longer.

Simplified Shopping Without Any Hidden Costs

Navigating the complex world of online shopping often brings unexpected additional costs, from suppressed shipping fees to import taxes, duties and brokerage fees. Goodie Vibes simplifies this process by offering a transparent and upfront pricing model. Customers enjoy the absence of hidden fees, making each purchase a straightforward and pleasant experience. This transparency extends to bulk purchases as well, where buying more means saving more, without the worry of escalating hidden costs.

Pay in CAD, Avoid Conversion Fees

For Canadian shoppers, currency conversion fees are an unwanted surprise, often discovered only at the final stages of an online purchase. GoodieVibes.com eliminates this concern by offering all transactions in CAD. This transparency ensures that what you see is what you pay, allowing you to budget effectively and avoid the sting of hidden conversion fees.

One-Stop Shop for Wellness

Imagine a place where you can find an array of health-boosting products, all under one virtual roof. Goodie Vibes is that place. The convenience of finding so many quality products in one shop is unparalleled. We are all about quality,  variety and value as well as providing a cohesive shopping experience, allowing you to compare, contrast and compile your wellness goods efficiently.

Earn Points and Save

Every purchase on GoodieVibes.com is more than just a transaction; it's an opportunity to save for the future. With a rewarding points system, customers accumulate savings with each purchase, leading to discounts and deals down the line. This benefit means that your commitment to health is rewarding in terms of well-being and in terms of your wallet.

Sending Good Vibes to Our Loyal Customers

Goodie Vibes represents more than an online store; it's a dedicated partner in your quest for health and vitality. With our commitment to rare supplements, fast shipping, transparent pricing, CAD transactions, one-stop shopping convenience and a rewarding points system, Goodie Vibes is set to enhance your wellness journey, one click at a time. Embrace the good vibes and let your health flourish.

Wishing you and your families a happy and healthy holiday season and prosperous new year!


Despina Diamantopoulos


Goodie VIbes

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