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Dr. Cowan

Dr. Cowan's Garden Wild Harvested Sea-Vegetables Powder

Dr. Cowan's Garden Wild Harvested Sea-Vegetables Powder

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Our Sea-Vegetables Powder is a blend of dulse, wakame and kelp, all harvested off the coast of Maine. They are certified organic and are thoroughly tested for any trace of contamination by such things as heavy metals and radiation. It has a more "oceanic" flavor than our mild Nori Powder, and it's packed with vital nutrients.

Dulse, a kind of red algae, has been used in Europe for at least 1,500 years, and there is a reference in a Chinese health manual from 600 BC about the necessity of feeding red dulse to the Chinese kings to insure their longevity. Dulse is rich in such minerals as iodine, chromium, manganese, omega-3 fats and other fat-soluble carotenoids.  

Wakame is used liberally in traditional Japanese cuisine as a flavouring in soup as it pairs well with miso. The most intriguing aspect of wakame is that it is rich in a chemical called fucoxanthin which inhibits the accumulation of fat in cells, thereby preventing obesity. Its use as a safe and natural weight-loss aide is being studied. Because of the ability of fucoxanthin to inhibit the accumulation of fat, it also lowers the LDL levels in the blood.

Kelp is also rich in sodium alginate.

A delicious blend (with a stronger ocean taste than nori), our Sea-Vegetables Powder is easy to use in soups, sprinkled on eggs or as a flavour enhancer for any savoury dish. Our favourite way to use our Sea-Vegetables Powder is added to bone-broth soup with eggs and fresh vegetables.

Ingredients: Wild-harvested dulse, wakame, kelp. Nothing else.

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Customer Reviews

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Iodine in a pouch

I just love that I stumbled upon this veggie powder. Have not seen anything like it on the market. I have hypothyroid so this is essential right now. I add it to all things savoury. I love that this company uses recycled paper to package products and is environmentally friendly:-)

Thanks! Will be coming back for more!

Janice S

As a vegan you would think I eat tons of vegetables but nope! Many veggies are difficult for me to digest and I worry I dont get enough minerals and vitamins into my diet. These powders are so gentle and so easy to consume, I add them to every meal. I'm especially deficient in iodine so this is a godsend- thank you for carrying this! I'm not a fan of seaweed but I take this like it's my daily medicine. I love the other powders too, fantastic quality.

Amber R

I have the pickiest 4 year old ever. I do my best to get veggies into him but it is a major struggle. Dr. Cowan's veggies have been a life saver! Yes you can see and taste them (except in heavier meals like stews) my kiddo will eat them! I love how easily I can give him a wide variety of greens and veggies as well. And I never thought I would be able to get him to eat sea veggies but this way is wonderful!

Maria B

Delicious and easy way to get sea vegetables into my salads, egg dishes, and sauces. I highly recommend all of Dr Cowan's products. It's obviously a labor of love for him and his family growing and sourcing the best veggies and creating recipes to incorporate them into, as well.

Phillippe C

I bought this to add some flavour and nutrition of sea veggies into my diet since I hardly ever eat seasweed and am familiar with the healing power of sea greens and I'm really happy I did. This tastes great in bone broth and now that I'm at home more due to isolation, I love I can get the equivalent of fresh greens from this shop without leaving my house. Super fast delivery, nice touch to add a personal message inside.Thanks goodievibes!