Why Veg Powders?

Why Veg Powders?

With health being a top priority, and people being more reluctant to buy foods at the local supermarket these days, many are turning to online shopping for their consumption needs.

I discovered a product line that I heard about many years ago from a podcast featuring M.S Chris Kresser, leading clinician and educator in functional medicine and ancestral health. He was interviewing Thomas Cowan M.D, a long-time holistic physician who specializes in healing through diet and natural medicine. Dr. Cowan wrote a book called How (and Why) to Eat More Vegetables, which describes why eating small amounts of a wide variety of vegetables every day can contribute to living a long, healthy life. He describes how many people in today's modern times are struggling to get enough variety and quantity of plants into every meal, every day. To solve this issue, Dr Cowan created Dr Cowan's Garden Vegetable Powders. These powders come from organic or beyond organic vegetables, are picked at peak flavour, minimally processed to preserve their flavour and nutritional contents and put into Miron jars which block out light and keep the powders safe and fresh from oxidation.

Why Vegetable Powders?

For many people, consuming 10 or more different plant varieties and parts, per day, is impractical. Even when including lots of salads and smoothies into your daily menu, you're probably just getting about a handful of different kinds of vegetables per day. It's even less likely that you’re getting much in the way of wild and rare herbs and roots which are packed with antioxidants and nutrients your body can benefit from. Studies show that bell peppers, corn and lettuce are some of the most widely consumed vegetables in north America. While these vegetables offer nutrients and vitamins, we can all do more to diversify our vegetable intake and improve our diets, overall health and vitality. Vegetable diversity is the key to optimizing the healing power of plants.

Each vegetable in Dr. Cowan’s powders has its own unique health profile. The powders contain the roots, leaves, flowers and fruits of some of the most powerful super plants nature has to offer. Several of the powders offer a diversity of vegetables in just one package. For example, one of the Threefold Blend powders has 5 different kinds of vegetables: carrots, leeks, kale, swiss chard and peppers. You can also blend several of the different powders together to create your own unique, super blend.

These are just a few of the medicinal plants that can be found in Dr. Cowan’s Garden powders. I’m excited to bring these powerful plants to the Canadian market in such a portable and convenient way!



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