Red Notice Star Loves GoodieVibes!

 In a recent interview on CNET’s podcast I’m So Obsessed, Broadway star and iconic actor Chris Diamantopoulos mentions as the source for one of his new obsessions: Health!

Chris talks about some of the amazing roles he has played in, including Red Notice and True Story, both of which are out on Netflix this month.

He also explains why taking care of your health is more important than ever. 

“You know what I've been obsessed with? I've been obsessed with health during the pandemic because the notion of our mortality has been ever present. And I've been reading a lot of Marcus Aurelius, I've been reading meditations, I've been reading a lot of stoic philosophy and I've been thinking.

You know how we're actively decaying. And so I'm like, Jesus, I want to stay healthy while I'm here. And there's this great site called And they've got these phenomenal food grade supplements to help fill in any of the gaps where you might not be getting the stuff that really could keep you on track.

And it's really been a terrific go-to for me. Like I don't like eating liver and organ meats and stuff like that, but allegedly that stuff is very, very good for you. Very potent, very high in vitamins and GoodieVibes has got such a great selection of that stuff and it's easy to take and it doesn't taste bad and I feel like I'm doing the right thing by my body.

And the added bonuses that Goodie Vibes is run by my sister Despina. And she's just a knockout."

Thanks for the shoutout Chris!

Here's an excerpt from the podcast. To listen to the full podcast, click on link above.


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