Why Magnesium is a Mineral Powershouse and How to Compare Supplement Brands

Why Magnesium is a Mineral Powershouse and How to Compare Supplement Brands

Do you think you are getting enough of your body's "master commander," magnesium? This blog explains why this nutrient is essential, highlights what to look for in magnesium supplements and compares three premium brands.

The body needs magnesium to stay healthy. Many processes in the body rely on magnesium, including regulating blood pressure, mood, sleep, muscle and nerve function, blood sugar levels, and forming proteins and bones.

You may be surprised to learn that despite its importance, only half of American adults get enough! According to the US National Academy of Science's Food & Nutrition Board, "the average American 14 or older is magnesium deficient." 

Health Benefits of Magnesium

1 . Your body's biochemical engine

To function properly, every cell in your body needs magnesium. As a "helper molecule," magnesium is a very busy mineral in your body. Enzymes continuously perform biochemical reactions in your body with the help of this mineral. Your body relies on it for over 300 reactions!

2. Supports better sleep

Magnesium is known for its power as a sleep aid. The reason for this is that magnesium regulates several neurotransmitters associated with sleep. 

A study of older adults with sleep problems found that simply supplementing with magnesium improved their sleep by 17 minutes.[1By helping you get a better night’s sleep, increasing magnesium intake makes you feel more alert and energetic.

 3. Boosts exercise performance 

You lose more magnesium when you exercise. When you exercise, a substance called lactic acid is made if you don't get enough oxygen. Lactic acid can build up in muscles, leading to muscle fatigue. When your body has enough magnesium, your muscles use blood sugar for energy instead of lactate.

One study of 2,570 women found that magnesium consumption was associated with increased muscle mass and power.[2] Magnesium supplements have even been found to increase performance and prevent muscle damage in athletes.

4. Helps with depression

Magnesium is essential to brain function and mood. Low levels of magnesium has been linked to depression.

A study involving more than 8,800 participants found that people with low magnesium levels were 22% more likely to suffer from depression.[3]

The good news is that in as little as six weeks after taking a magnesium supplement, some people report reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety.

5. Supports healthy blood sugar levels

According to research, nearly half of people with diabetes have low magnesium levels. Magnesium consumption has been linked to a reduced risk of this disease. 

Throughout the body, magnesium is involved in several reactions. This mineral has been found to enhance insulin sensitivity. As a result, it helps the body control its blood sugar levels more effectively.

 6. Reduces anxiety symptoms

Taking magnesium as a supplement has also been shown to help treat and even prevent anxiety. 

An increase in magnesium intake was associated with a lower risk of depression and anxiety in a study involving 3,172 adults.[4]

Magnesium deficiency may increase your body's susceptibility to anxiety and stress. Keep your magnesium levels consistent if you want to feel calm and ready to face the challenges of the day.

7. Promotes heart health

You need magnesium to maintain a healthy,  and strong heart.

Research has shown that magnesium supplements reduce blood pressure. Heart disease is significantly increased by high blood pressure. 

There is a strong link between magnesium and cardiovascular health, including a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, and hypertension. A study in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics found that magnesium can reduce bad cholesterol and promote good cholesterol while lowering blood triglycerides and lowering bad cholesterol.[5]

8. Boost anti-inflammatory benefits

An infection or other threat within the body can causes acute inflammation. Sometimes inflammation gets out of hand, causing the immune system to attack healthy cells. Aging and chronic disease are linked to chronic inflammation. Inflammation of this type has been linked to low magnesium intake. 

Based on an analysis of 11 studies, this study found that magnesium supplementation reduced markers of chronic inflammation, such as specific proteins associated with heart disease and other issues.[6]

 9. May help prevent migraine attacks

Migraine headaches are intense headaches that can occur with nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light and noise. According to research, migraines are more likely to occur if you have a magnesium deficiency. Many researchers even claim that magnesium supplements can help prevent and treat migraines.

In one study, magnesium supplements provided faster, more effective relief for migraine sufferers than conventional treatments.[7] Your brain may struggle to carry out its functions due to low levels of magnesium if you often find yourself experiencing severe headaches or migraines.

10. Strengthens bones

For the health of your bones, magnesium is an essential nutrient. Bones contain up to 60% of your magnesium. Low levels of this mineral have been linked to conditions of weak and brittle bones. 

According to a review of 12 studies, people with high magnesium intake also had a higher bone mineral density, which makes them stronger and less likely to fracture.[8]

11. May improve PMS symptoms

It is common for women of childbearing age to experience premenstrual syndrome (PMS). PMS can lead to problems with water retention, abdominal cramps, fatigue, and irritability. Magnesium supplements have been shown to relieve these symptoms. 

According to a study published in the Open Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, fluctuating magnesium levels during menstruation could be responsible. Low magnesium can worsen these symptoms. Supplementation can help treat these conditions. Magnesium may help ease symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) when taken daily.[9]

How to Choose the Magnesium Supplement for You - A Buyer’s Guide

Including magnesium in your diet provides many nutritional benefits that are palatable and convenient. So it is important to know what to look for when choosing magnesium supplements.

✓ Natural or Synthetic: Always ensure that it is 100 % pure omagnesium and not synthetic.

✓Most absorbable form: Magnesium citrate and magnesium chloride may be better absorbed and tolerated than magnesium oxide or other forms.

✓ Country of origin: The US and Canada are amongst the most trusted sources.

✓ Watch out for fillers and additives.

✓ Other ingredients

 Magnesium Supplements Comparison: Four Products from Three Premium Brands

  • Smidge
  • Perfect Supplements
  • Lipidology



Smidge Morning Magnesium


Smidge Evening Magnesium


Perfect Magnesium Citrate Powder

Lipidology, Organic Grass-Fed/Finished Tallow Cream: Sleepy Feet, Magnesium

(External use)

Product image

Smidge evening magnesium Smidge morning magnesium Perfect magnesium citrate powder Lipidology: Organic Grass-Fed/Finished Tallow Cream: Sleepy Feet, Magnesium


-Morning dietary supplement

-Supports energy production

- includes boron for better absorption

-Magnesium as chelamax bisglycinate,magnesium oxide)

-Supports restful sleep

-Formulated for easy digestion

-Virtually Tasteless & odorless 

  -100 %Pure and natural magnesium                

-Easily Mixes Into Water or Juice           

-High Solubility and Absorption-High Bioavailability


-For external use only (for the feet)

-Grass-fed/finished organic beef tallow

-Bioabsorbable form of transdermal magnesium

-Moisturizes the skin

-Improves sleep

-Available in unscented and lavender variant to promote relaxation




100% pure and Natural

100% pure and Natural

100% pure and Natural

100% pure and Natural






Active ingredients 




✓ Boron

✓ Magnesium glycinate complex

✓ Elemental Magnesium 

✓ Trimagnesium citrate

✓ Magnesium chloride hexahydrate

Other ingredients

-Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, water

-No fillers additives or preservatives

-Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose , water

-No fillers additives or preservatives


-Castor oil ( hexane-free, cold pressed)

-Organic grass fed/finished beef tallow which contains antioxidants, omega fatty acids,

vitamins A, B, D, E, K

-lavender oil

Bottle size




60 caps



60 ml (330mg)

Suggested serving

Starter dose: 1 capsule

Maintenance dose: 4 capsules

1 capsule three times 

Start dose: ⅛ teaspoon

Apply pea sized amount and reapply as needed

       ~1-2 ml

Magnesium content per serving

Magnesium 200mg

Boron 1.5 mg

Magnesium glycinate complex 100mg

Magnesium 388 mg

Trimagnesium citrate 2,250 mg


Serving per bottle





Percentage of daily value




Manufacturer’s price per bottle

USD 54.95/CAD 74.18

USD 29.95/CAD 40.4

USD 21.95/CAD 29.69

USD 25.61/CAD 33.99

Price per capsule

USD 0.45/CAD 0.61

USD 0.49/CAD 0.66



Price per dose

USD 1.8/CAD 2.48

USD 0.49/CAD 0.66

USD 0.183/CAD 0.23

USD 0.85/CAD 01.07

*USD to CAD conversion rate as of November 2022; USD 1 = CAD 1.35

 Magnesium Supplements: The Takeaway

Magnesium supplements can benefit almost everyone. Although all of the brands and products discussed in this post are excellent options, they differ in several important ways.

Depending on what the magnesium is paired with, magnesium is best taken in the morning or before bed. The quality of the supplement can affect its absorbability and effectiveness so always opt for high quality brands.

Smidge Morning Magnesium is designed to enhance energy, so it is a good supplement to take in the morning. It is a bioavailable and best taken with food.

If you want to relax the muscles in the body and take a supplement to help you fall asleep, Smidge Evening Magnesium is a great option. It can be taken at night, as it promotes relaxation and improves sleep quality. It can help reduce stress and may help you sleep longer. When comparing prices, Smidge evening magnesium is also more economical than smidge morning magnesium.

If you have difficulty swallowing capsules and want to take magnesium in powder form, you can take Perfect Magnesium Citrate Powder. This powder can be  mixed easily with water or juices. It is highly soluble and offers good gut absorption.

Magnesium is more easily absorbed transdermally (through the skin) than it is orally (through the mouth). If you suffer from gut imbalances, you may not be absorbing much of your oral magnesium.  Lipidology's Organic Grass-Fed/Finished Tallow Cream: Sleepy Feet with Magnesium is an excellent option. It can support better sleep, reduce anxiety, alleviate headaches, sooth sore muscles and joints and reduce inflammation. The ratio in Lipidology’s Sleepy Feet is designed for maximum absorption and offers other benefits to the feet, including moisturizing and nutritional benefits that come from grass fed/finished beef tallow. Sleepy Feet is a great product for transdermal magnesium therapy. 

Whichever brand or type of magnesium you try, be sure to check with your healthcare professional to make sure it's right for you, fits with your lifestyle and complements any other products you may be taking. When trying a new supplement, it is best to start with a small dose before gradually trying the full recommend dosage. 

Now that you know the benefits of different types of magnesium and how to compare premium brands, you can consult with your healthcare professional and decide which options are best for you.

If you’re interested in trying these and other premium supplements, check out GoodieVibes.com.


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