About Walkabout Australian Emu Oil And What Makes it Different

About Walkabout Australian Emu Oil And What Makes it Different

At Walkabout Health Products, our passion is to educate people about our Emu Oil and its many benefits. Our mission is to help people achieve optimal health and a better quality of life through diet.

Our roots go much deeper—my husband has been a doctor of chiropractic since 1986, and we have always been interested in natural health through the foods we eat and the nutritional supplements we take.

In 2009, we began researching Emu Oil. We learned about its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Unfortunately, we found that the oil sourced in the U.S. is highly processed and refined.

We were fortunate to find the wonderful emu farmers in Australia with whom we work today and from whom our products are sourced. They produce superior Emu Oil. It is proven to be unadulterated, effective, and nutrient-dense with high biological activity.

Walkabout Emu Oil is the highest naturally occurring food source for Vitamin K2 MK-4. This is a superstar nutrient!  And our emu oil is a K2 MK-4 Superfood! There are many, many human studies about this nutrient and it’s importance in the human diet.

Research on the vitamin K2 family has exploded in the last decade. Scientists now know that MK-4 is the most important of the MK’s and is responsible for many life-sustaining processes. It is the bioactive form of the vitamin at work on the genetic and metabolic level.

“Not only does MK-4 act as a co-factor in the cellular production of energy in the electron transport chain in the mitochondria, but also as a co-factor in activating vitamin K-dependent proteins for blood clotting, bone development (directing calcium into the bone), keeping arteries calcium free, hardening tooth enamel, reproduction, maintaining the integrity of skin, and even survival itself.”

It is important to note, we tested American Emu Oil from two different sources, and found “Zero” Vitamin K2 MK-4.

My husband, Dr. Will says, “Emu oil has been the single best nutritional supplement that I have used in my practice for reducing systemic and local inflammation. It has solved many nutritional deficiencies without overwhelming the patient with multiple supplements.”

We are proud to be the exclusive importers of what we believe to be the world’s best fat!

We hope you will add this important superfood to your daily routine.

From Elizabeth Schlinsog:

My husband and I have visited the farms in Australia and were very impressed with how the birds were being treated. They live in large pastures, have shaded areas with trees and ponds to swim in, emus like to swim. We went in with some of the birds and they were calm and very interested in us-- very calm. You could tell that they had always been treated well with how they reacted to us.
When the birds are harvested they never get upset everything is kept peaceful and the hide, feathers, meat and oil are all used.
In fact, emu meat is very nutritious. We ate it a couple of times while we there, it was a beautiful dark red meat and tasted wonderful.

Yours in health,

Elizabeth Schlinsog

Dr. Will Schlinsog, D.C.




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