Dear Skin, I'm sorry

Dear Skin, I'm sorry

Dear Skin,

I'm sorry I abused you for for so many years.

Nobody told me that harsh chemical cleansers strip essential oils off of you, making you produce excess oil to compensate for the onslaught, leading to more skin problems.

I didn't know that sparkly labeled, heavily fragranced, synthetic facial lotions and potions at a discounted price are loaded with harmful ingredients.

I was foolish and young.

I got caught up in the hype; the glitzy brands and the intense marketing of the times. I didn't know you could get addicted to commercial and medicated skincare, that the more you use the more you become dependent- like a drug. And that when you finally decide to stop using, skin retaliates.

I didn't know that you don't need a 5 step 'skin regimen' that requires over 2 hours of your life, twice a day, until you burn, dry-out, peel, itch, redden and fact I thought that meant the products were working.

I was a fool to hurt you.

Nobody even cared to mention to drink more water, eat more nutrient dense foods such as liver and good fat and to exercise.

I'm sorry I paranoingly slathered you with toxic sunscreen, disallowing you to breathe, denying you of precious vitamin D.

I wasn't notified that nature is healing and holds the solutions to many woes.

I was peer pressured and influenced to visit countless skincare clinics that offered zero solutions and only contributed to problems. 

I'm especially sorry for depriving you of truly nourishing foods like good quality dairy, high quality meats and healthful starches, falsely thinking they were the root of the problem with zero evidence to back it up. I didn't know that being depleted of essential vitamins K2, A, D, E, omega 3's and antioxidants worsens skin issues.

It never dawned on me to look in the mirror LESS, to wash you LESS, to interfere with you LESS, to focus on you LESS.

To let you just be.

Thank you for your patience and resilience.

I now know better.

Please forgive me.

PS. Did I tell you I love you and that you're beautiful?


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