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Lipidology: Organic Grass-Fed Tallow Cream: Unscented 2oz.

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Nude by Lipidology: Whipped Organic Grass-Fed Beef Tallow Face and Body Butter, 2oz, amber jar.

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Our Nude blend is our simplest creation out of the Lipidology line. Made only with grass-fed beef tallow, and a splash of golden jojoba oil, that's it. This is our deep healing butter for super sensitive skin. It is unscented, unadulterated and pure. Just like your skin.

This blend is made for the face but can be used anywhere on the body.

How to use: Apply a small amount of butter to the face and neck or anywhere on the body (wait 30 min before going to bed to fully absorb). Tallow is an excellent cream to use with the OCM (oil cleansing method).

Grass-fed organic beef tallow: The star ingredient that makes up most of this decadent cream. Tallow from grass-fed cows contains fat soluble vitamins that our skin needs, has anti aging benefits, can heal skin ailments such as acne, rosacea, diaper rash, dry itchy skin, sunburn and problem skin of different types. Tallow is one of the purest, most healing fats and is the most compatible with our skin cells biology. It absorbs deep into the skin leaving it super moisturized.

Organic golden jojoba Oil: is a liquid wax, and closely resembles the natural sebum (oil) of our own skin, and is rich in vitamin E. It is non comedogenic (won't clog pores). 

    Nude Tallow Uses:

    dry, itchy skin

    Can reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles

    makeup remover

    acne spot treatment

    eczema relief


    baby 'acne'

    cuts and bruises

    soothes sunburn

    moisturize dry lips

    Promotes overall skin health

    and much, much more!

    We have a lot to say about tallow. For a deeper look into why we use tallow, please read the full, original description here.

    Have questions? Send us an email at We're happy to assist you.

    Interested in testing a free, 0.5 oz sample of Lipidology tallow butter? Please send us a note or use our online chat bot, and we will be happy to add it to your order. (An order of any value must be placed for anything on our GoodieVibes shop in order to receive a sample).

    *Please note that our tallow is a whole foods product. It is technically unscented, but it has a distinctive natural scent (after all, it is an animal fat)! You may notice a few dark specs or some discolouration. This is normal as it is not ultra processed, allowing it to retain its beneficial healing properties. 

    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Always consult your doctor before starting a new skin care regimen for you or your baby. For external use only.
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