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MultiMineral Fulvic & Humic MicroNutrient Blend Brown Plastic Bottle (PETE)

MultiMineral Fulvic & Humic MicroNutrient Blend Brown Plastic Bottle (PETE)

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Bottled in a high quality re-usable Recyclable Food Safe PET Brown Plastic Bottle for a reduced price.


Our Fulvic & Humic Trace Mineral Formula provides all the essential trace nutrients directly from nature to you. Please choose the Glass or PET bottle in the option menu.


32 fluid ounces = 32 servings servings-use 1 tbsp 2 times a day for best absorption: read more in the directions for use


Ingredients: Filtered, Oxygenated Remineralized Water and our Proprietary blend of Fulvic and Humic Material & minerals.


Over 100,000 ppm disolved solids in every serving.



  • Vortex Processed and Oxygenated to increase molecular O2 bonds for Cellular Oxygenation


  • 100% Plant Based from ancient organic material 


  • Free from Modern Pollutants, GMOs, Toxins, Chemicals and Heavy Metals 

  • High in Electrolytes, Ionic Minerals, Amino Acids and Trace Vitamins

  • Always Alkaline to 9.5PH

  • ISO/IEC Certified Lab Tested for Purity by HPTA Industry Standard Tests.

  • Sourced From Trusted, Protected Deposits in the USA! 

       No questionable material from overseas of unknown       

       provenance and purity! MADE in USA!

  • Water Extracted, Raw and Never Heated

  • Fully Bio-Available MicroNutrients including Bio-Flavinoids and Polyphenols

  • Highly Conductive with High Volumes of Electrons


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