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Dr. Cowan's Garden Organic Dandelion Powder

Dr. Cowan's Garden Organic Dandelion Powder

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Our Dandelion Powder, made from the wild and medicinal plant Taraxacum officinalis, is a mixture of about half dandelion leaves and half dandelion roots. Taraxacum officinalis is the true dandelion, unlike the version sold in most food stores or even farmers markets, which is a type of chicory.

Taraxacum officinalis is well known as a spring tonic and contains one of the highest nutrient and mineral densities of all leafy greens. Perhaps the premier “blood-cleansing” herb used in herbal medicine, dandelion is known to help regulate blood sugar and clear the liver of toxins. The roots of the dandelion also function as a medicinal food and help regulate blood sugar as well as normalize excessive cell growth.

Dr Cowan's dandelion is grown exclusively for their family on a small, Demeter-certified biodynamic farm in Northern California. Add to soups, stews or any savoury dish. Our favourite way to eat Dandelion Powder is sprinkled on over-easy or scrambled eggs.

Inside this pouch are approximately 40 half teaspoon-size servings! 

Ingredients: Biodynamically Grown Dandelion Leaves and Roots

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