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Smidge Optimal Probiotic

Smidge Optimal Probiotic

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Smidge Probiotic Capsules (formerly Primal Gut)

  • 13-strain formula 
  • For advanced gut health
  • No soil strains or prebiotics
  • No unnecessary additives
  • Non-GMO, gluten- and dairy-free
  • Now in convenient capsules

Introducing Smidge Probiotic capsules, for a well-balanced digestive system that thrives on a wide variety of proven beneficial bacteria. 

We created this comprehensive, 13-strain blend (previously called Primal Gut) to help you regenerate and maintain a healthy microbiome. We also carefully calibrated the percentage of each strain to maximize the benefits while avoiding side effects associated with other commercial brands. This means regularity and easy-breezy digestion, among other health benefits! 

Of course, our Probiotic capsules are free of common allergens, excipients and other added ingredients. And they're made in small batches

60 capsules (1-month supply), 20 billion CFUs per serving

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