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Terraflora Spore-Based Probiotic Advanced Care

Terraflora Spore-Based Probiotic Advanced Care

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Terraflora Advanced Care uniquely incorporates targeted bacteriophages for intensive GI support. Found ubiquitously in nature, bacteriophages are microscopic proteins that inhibit the growth of unwanted bacteria in the gut. This allows beneficial bacteria to thrive, while maintaining an appropriate microbial balance to support a healthy GI tract.

Terraflora Advanced Care landed a Top 4 Finalist spot for a highly coveted 2021 NEXTY Award for Best New Supplement.

Probiotic Bio-Complex: 1 Billion Viable Cells per serving
Ribospore® (Bacillus pumilus)
Bacillus megaterium EM144
Bacillus subtilis
Bacillus clausii
Bacillus coagulans

Phage Bio-Complex (PreforPro): 15mg
LH01-Myoviridae, LL5-Siphorviridae, T4D-Myoviridae,

Prebiotic Bio-Complex: 850mg per serving
Larch Arabinogalactan [Larix spp.], Reishi [Ganoderma lucidum] Extract (fruiting body), Wild-Harvested Chaga [Inonotus obliquus] Extract (fruiting body), Wild-Harvested Nova Scotian Bladderwrack [Fucus vesiculosus] Extract (thallus), Wild-Harvested Patagonian Wakame [Undaria pinnatifida] Extract (sporophyll), Humic Acids

Other Ingredients: Plant cellulose (capsule)


Contains targeted bacteriophages shown to positively balance the intestinal microbiome.


100% spore-based strains are naturally guarded against heat and stomach acid, arriving at the gut intact and alive.


Uniquely formulated with wild organic seaweeds and organic mushroom extracts.


Features two novel probiotic strains, shown in studies to produce highly bioavailable antioxidants.


Innately resilient bacteria in Terraflora are shelf-stable, uniting convenience and efficacy.

Contains NO dairy, wheat, gluten, corn, sugar, soy, shellfish, tree nuts, or GMO's. Made without stearates, fillers, binders, flow agents, or additives of any kind.

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Gloria Cruickshank
So far amazing!!

It’s only been three weeks of using this probiotic but I can finally see a difference in my body taking a probiotic! I’ve tried so many different brands over the last year to help my gut issues. This is the first one, where I have regular every morning same time bowel movements. I started taking this probiotic to help with on going thrush (Canadia) issues. Time will tell and I’ll update with another review :)