Collection: TerraFlora Soil Based Probiotics

Probiotics have limited effect if they’re not alive.

The probiotic supplements you take must remain viable on the shelf and through the harsh acidic environment of the stomach — delivering active, therapeutic levels at the time they reach the lower GI tract.

Soil-based organisms, or spore form probiotics, are the fundamental answer to the probiotic problem. Other probiotics use high-tech, novel, and unproven manufacturing techniques to force weak, sensitive bacteria through the hostile acidic environment of the early GI tract.

Terraflora contains a probiotic bio-complex of select Bacillus strains (beneficial microflora) naturally adapted to the GI tract, and inherently resistant to stomach acid and heat. The spore-based microbes in Terraflora are designed to nurture and support the center of wellness – the human gut.