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Smidge HCl + Enzymes

Smidge HCl + Enzymes

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Smidge HCl + Enzymes (formerly GutZyme HCI)

Introducing Smidge HCl + Enzymes, for those who feel bloated, gassy, or have acid reflux after a meal. So you can relax after eating and soak up all of the wholesome nutrients in your food.

Our Enzymes + HCl is the only digestive supplement on the market that combines a balanced dose of HCl and pepsin, along with vital enzymes that support stomach acid production and help digest protein, fat, gluten and casein.

Who takes Smidge's multi-enzyme with HCl and pepsin?

  • Those seeking to restore their HCl levels and maximize absorption of nutrients*

  • Those aiming to reduce gas, bloating, belching and other occasional symptoms of GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease)*

  • Those on GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome), paleo, ancestral or real food diets with higher fat and protein content (also those eating limited grains and carbs)

  • Those on a daily regimen of medications (which can interfere with digestion)*

  • Those who want to absorb more minerals from their diets.

And, folks with lots of stress often have issues with stomach acid and try this multi-enzyme with HCl. They may be taking in lots of carbs and dealing with food allergies, sugar cravings and mild nutrient deficiencies, too.

120 vegetarian capsules

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