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Smidge Morning Magnesium

Smidge Morning Magnesium

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Smidge Morning Magnesium is a balanced formula that includes three naturally-derived forms of the essential mineral magnesium — with no fillers, synthetic additives or preservatives. 

It helps enrich your body with the magnesium it needs, while providing that boost of energy you crave from coffee. But without the jitters!

What makes our morning blend supplement unique?

Sometimes, taking too much of one kind of magnesium causes digestive side effects. So we combined three high-quality, gentle types of magnesium — malate, orotate and taurinate — in equal amounts and small batches. Importantly, we left out magnesium citrate, which is in many commercial magnesium supplements and can irritate sensitive systems. 

Then, we added a smidge of the mineral boron, which helps your body absorb all that magnesium goodness — and supports strong bones.* 

Of course, our pure magnesium formula is free of common allergens. 

Morning Magnesium can be great for folks who want to:

  • Wake up with more energy*
  • Support cardiovascular health, circulation and mood*
  • Have regularity and smooth digestion*
  • Soothe muscles*
  • Ease mild stress and anxiety*
  • Ease mild headaches*

Each serving gives you 200 mg of magnesium and 1.5 mg of boron. 

120 capsules (1-month supply)

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
miracle in a bottle for me

4 hours after taking magnesium pill my planter faciatis pain has decreased by 80%. I think that is crazy and amazing. I haven’t had that excruciating pain every time I get Up. It’s literally gone … and the more time that passes it gets better. Some miracle ingredient in this seriously. Thanks so much for carrying this. My foot has been in pain since 2021 and it got worse as I walked to and from work in 2022. But I feel so good now. I’m walking around the house without any issues like it never happened.It also gave me a burst of energy. Helping with breathing because I have asthma. I cannot recommend this enough.

Kathryn Daw
Subtly Superb Energetic Support

We love this magnesium! Easy to assimilate into our daily routine; found it to help with overall energy and especially digestion. Onto our next bottle, no looking back! Love all of the products we've tried by Smidge. Thank you Goodie Vibes for selling such clean, effective supplements.

Judith R.
Smidge Morning Magnesium: Already very pleased with this product

I started Morning Magnesium 2 days ago, beginning with just 1 capsule per day. I hoped it would improve my chronically low energy levels, which have resisted many previous efforts including various supplements and food combinations. For the past 2 years, I've also had quite severe hip pain stiffness. Imagine my very pleasant surprise today to find that not only is my energy already stronger more normal, but I'm also able to walk with much less discomfort without support. If this continues-- and I'm sure it will-- this product is definitely a keeper.