Why Grass-Fed Beef Tallow?

The benefits of using grass-fed beef tallow are still unknown by many. Using tallow as a skin care product may appear less popular but it is the most compatible fat for human skin.

Grass-fed cows produce the most nourishing fat. This fat is rich in fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, K2, conjugated linoleic acid- highly anti inflammatory, B vitamins, palmitoleic acid- an antimicrobial fat, omega 3s and omega 6s- crucial for healthy skin.

Grass fed tallow can:

soothe and heal various skin conditions

can smooth out lines

moisturize deep within the layers of the skin

antifungal, anti bacterial, anti inflammatory

absorbs into the skin and is not greasy

non comedogenic (won't clog pores)

non irritating

Unscented grass fed tallow is gentle enough to use on babies

I make whipped tallow face and body creams in small batches. The scented tallow creams I use are made with carefully selected essential oils that are wonderful for the skin, such as sage, lavender and vanilla.

Customers are reporting better skin tone, fewer lines and wrinkles, softer skin, clearer skin, and a brighter and healthier complexion. These benefits are seen with my unscented tallow creams as well.

There are 3 tallow versions I currently make:

Sage Advice which is made primarily with sage essential oils and is wonderful for soothing and cooling the skin, can heal breakouts and feels refreshing and clean.

Serenity Now which is made primarily with vanilla and lavender is a gorgeous scent if you like vanilla. It's a wonderful all-around body, foot and face cream and can help you relax and calm the mind.

Nude is plain tallow, suitable for even the most sensitive skin. A wonderful cream for men as well as it can soothe razor bumps and burns. Ideal for babies.