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Perfect Magnesium Citrate - 180 Vegetable Capsules

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Why Is Magnesium So Important?

A quick search of PubMed yields thousands of scientific studies highlighting the role and benefits of magnesium in human biochemistry. From migraines and pain management to depression, anxiety, sleeplessness and memory, magnesium has clearly demonstrated enormous versatility as a healing mineral.

Magnesium actually helps to activate over 300 enzymes, the catalyst for every function in the body. It is needed for electrolyte transport across cellular membranes - key to effective nerve conduction, muscle contraction, and cardiac function.

Here are some of the potential health benefits of Magnesium:

  • Provides Energy on a Cellular Level
  • Increases Bone Strength
  • Helps to Reduce Stress and Anxiety
  • Boosts Mood and Fights Depression
  • Promotes Healthy Blood Sugar Levels
  • Promotes Healthy Blood Pressure Levels
  • Promotes Heart Health
  • Can be Helpful for Headaches and Migraines
  • Beneficial for Muscle Pain, Cramps, and Twitches
  • Help Maintain Healthy Skin
  • Can Increase DHEA Levels
  • Plus much, much, more!

Simply put, none of the cells in our body would function without Magnesium

…Yet, Most of Us Are Deficient in Magnesium

According to Consumer Reports, nearly half of all Americans - and 70 to 80 percent of those older than 70 - aren't meeting their daily magnesium needs.

If you answer yes to one or more of the following questions, you may be at risk for magnesium deficiency.

  1. Are you 55 years old or older?
  2. Do you drink carbonated beverages regularly?
  3. Do you regularly eat pastries, cakes, desserts, candies, or other sweet foods?
  4. Do you experience a lot of emotional stress in your life, or physical stress such as recently having a major medical procedure such as surgery?
  5. Do you drink coffee, tea, or other caffeinated drinks daily?
  6. Do you take a diuretic, heart medication, asthma medication, birth control pills or estrogen replacement therapy?
  7. Do you drink more than seven alcoholic beverages per week?
  8. Do you take calcium supplements without magnesium or calcium supplements with magnesium in less than a 1:1 ratio?
  9. Do you experience anxiety, hyperactivity, or difficulty sleeping?
  10. Do you experience muscle spasms, cramps, or twitches?

    So Which Type of Magnesium Is Best?

    While every company will have different criteria for what makes the best Magnesium supplement, we will take you through our evaluation process…

    Want Some Magnesium With Your Synthetics?

    Here at Perfect Supplements, we believe Mother Nature does it best. Everything we sell is all natural with no synthetics.

    Unfortunately, many of the most popular forms of magnesium on the market are made with synthetics, including:
    Magnesium Glycinate
    Magnesium Bisglycinate (TRAACS)
    Magnesium L-Threonate (Magtein)
    Magnesium Aspartate

    Note that the above list represents just a handful of the magnesium supplements that are made with synthetics. There are many other forms of synthetic magnesium on the market.

    While some people are fine with taking Magnesium that is chelated or buffered to a synthetic carrier (as all the above are), we do NOT use synthetics in any of our products.

    Low Bioavailability + Low Absorption = No Thanks!

    At first glance, Magnesium Oxide supplements look inexpensive… but not when you factor in the fact that only 4% of the dose is actually absorbed into circulation.

    Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt) is great to add to your bath, but it does not have high bioavailability when taken orally.

    The low bioavailability and absorption of Magnesium Oxide and Magnesium Sulfate led us to cross these sources off the list.

    Magnesium Citrate Checks All The Boxes

    Magnesium Citrate has a long history of use and has been used in hundreds of clinical studies. With high absorption and bioavailability, there was just one big question left…

    Could we find Magnesium Citrate made from a natural source with no synthetics?

    After months of searching, the answer was YES!

    The Quest for The Perfect Magnesium Citrate

    Based on the above, we knew that Magnesium Citrate was the way to go.

    The thing is, not all Magnesium Citrate is the same. Some contains synthetics. Others have lower bioavailability and use Inorganic Magnesium. Still others test high in heavy metals.

    We spent 6 months requesting samples, doing lab testing and grilling suppliers until we finally found the perfect source for Perfect Magnesium Citrate…

    • Produced Via Natural Fermentation – NO SYNTHETICS
    • Highly Bioavailable and Absorbable Organic Magnesium
    • Tasteless, Odorless and Easily Mixes in Water or Juice
    • Non-GMO
    • Lab Tested For Heavy Metals
    • Delivers 338mg of Elemental Magnesium in a Single Serving
    • 60 Servings , just 40 cents per serving

    We Proudly Present Our Heavy Metal Lab Testing

    The last thing you or your family wants to take is a Magnesium supplement that is high in arsenic, lead, mercury or cadmium.

    For this reason, we do Final Product lab testing on our Perfect Magnesium for Heavy Metals. Rather than test just the raw ingredient (which we do as well), we also take a finished bottle of our Perfect Magnesium and send it out for testing. This is considered the gold standard because we are testing the exact same finished product you are purchasing.

    Full results are right here (please click, we are really proud of them)


    A Perfect Partner For Our Perfect Desiccated Liver

    1+1=3? (aka Take with Perfect Desiccated Liver)

    Synergy is the result of the whole being greater than the individual sum of its parts. Whether out in nature or within our own bodies - this principle is a key factor in understanding optimal function in living, organic systems. When magnesium is viewed under this lens, we see that its functions within the body are no different. Magnesium surely plays a huge role in healthy system functioning, however it's no primadonna - magnesium works as a team with a whole host of other essential nutrients.

    Vitamin B6 helps your cells absorb magnesium, so for maximum benefit from magnesium, please make sure to eat a diet rich in B6. If your diet is lacking in B6, you can add our Perfect Desiccated Liver, as liver is an excellent source of whole food B6.

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